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“Great designer, quick prototyper, and master of the customer-centric approach.”



  • Designing scalable foundations for a fast growing scooter startup

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    Map screenshot in the TIER app
    Active ride screenshot in the TIER app
    QR scanner screenshot in the TIER app

    TIER hired me in 2018 to design, prototype, and document their first in-house app.

    I built multiple complex prototypes and worked with the founders to perfect the user experience.

    We mixed periods of focused work, short check-ins, and longer deep dives. That yielded best results.

    The extendable design system we built and documented made it easy for future teams to pick up where we left off.

    The apps launched about 4 months after we finished. The iOS version hit #1 in Germany one day after launching.

  • Improving Doodle’s scheduling app feature by feature

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    Doodle poll
    Poll table
    Doodle app dashboard

    Doodle hired me in 2016 to improve their native apps designed for frequent users.

    We’d deliver everything the website had, but better. We’d make it the best version of Doodle.

    We ran extensive user interviews and usability testing. Designed an iMessage app. Increased poll creation by 30 %. Launched a full visual redesign. Lifted ratings from ~4.0 to 4.6–4.8 out of 5 stars.

    Our incremental process was very rewarding. I had such a great time working with all the talented people at Doodle.

  • Reimagining the future of Red Bull TV

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    TV screenshot of Red Bull TV Player screen of the Red Bull TV iPhone app

    Reimagined Red Bull TV which later won a Google Play Award for Best TV Experience. Prototyped complex remote-operated TV UI, autoplay, a minimized player, and more. Built a design system spanning Web, native apps, TV.

  • Shipping Bertha, an app for finding and paying at gas stations

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    Main screen of the Bertha app
    Route screen of the Bertha app
    Search filters in the Bertha app

    Shipped Bertha, an app for finding and paying at gas stations. Focused on map navigation and finding gas on the road. Designed a color coding system for pricing. Introduced in-depth interviews and user testing to the company.

  • Designing the first native apps for the unicorn Berlin startup

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    Home screen of the GetYourGuide app
    Search screen of the GetYourGuide app
    Activity listing in the GetYourGuide app
    In-app ticket in the GetYourGuide app

    Designed, user tested, and launched the first native apps for the SoftBank-backed unicorn travel startup. Drove customer retention by designing an in-app ticket feature. Collaborated on a cross-platform design style guide.

    GetYourGuide lets you book tours and activities. I was hired to design native apps to accompany their website.

    I assisted the launch of both apps, and later worked on adding new features and refining existing ones.

    User testing in particular was a huge part of all our efforts. I learned a lot working with the experienced team at GetYourGuide.


  • “Andy is a designer who knows what it means to design for impact.

    He deeply understands when to be pragmatic and yet always keep the customer at the heart of his work. He does this through a proven process that’s focussed on validation.

    That process transforms complex problems into easy to understand concepts that result in delightful experiences with real, measurable impact.”

    Temi Adeniyi
    Temi Adeniyi
    Director of Design
  • “Great designer, quick prototyper, and master of the customer-centric approach.

    On top of his exceptional experience with mobile and web UX, Andy is a great team player loved by developers, and has a fantastic personality. If you’re lucky enough to get to work with him, your chances of success will grow exponentially.”

    Davide Mazzanti
    Davide Mazzanti
    Director of Mobile Product Development
  • “I am a Senior iOS developer and have worked closely with Andy to improve the user experience of Bertha, an app we developed at

    I've experienced Andy as a passionate UX designer with a strong user focus.

    In his work he loves direct interaction with developers and has excellent observation and interviewing skills running user testing sessions.”

    Sabine Geithner
    Sabine Geithner
    Mobile Tech Lead for Bertha
  • “Probably the best team mate I've ever had as a product designer. He documents everything. It’s easy for anyone to pick up where he left off — a great asset for a freelancer.

    He’ll plan his day upfront, tune out every distraction, and won’t waste time doing trivial tasks. He doesn’t waste your money.

    He's very diplomatic, approachable, respectful, authentic, and has a good sense of humour. I sensed most of these qualities the first day we met and he hasn't changed since. We ended up becoming friends.

    And just to wrap up... he’s very open minded, eager to learn, and open for feedback. All important traits to have as a colleague.”

    Portrait of Marco Silva
    Marco Silva
    Mobile Lead Product Designer
  • “Andy is the best designer I have worked with.

    He doesn’t only deliver excellent works but also cares about the development of his fellow colleagues.

    When I started working with Andy, I was just starting my career as a product designer. He mentored me by sharing his knowledge in design tools, user research methodology, design system, and more. He even gave me some coding lessons!

    What I've learned from him helped me to become a designer I am today and I am so glad I met Andy at one of my very first design jobs!”

    Portrait of Karin Kotani
    Karin Kotani
    Product Designer
    Cooler Future


Black and white photo of Andy Jakubowski


How’s your day going so far? I hope everything’s great. If it’s not, I hope it does get better soon.

Did you eat breakfast today? It’s supposed to be an important meal. I probably had a piece of toast with vegan spread on it, and a fried egg. I almost always have that. It’s nothing special and I usually get pretty hungry before noon. Then I have to pester people around me to come eat lunch early. They think I’m crazy.

Earth seen from space

We’re on a rock in space

You’re reading this message using your eyeballs, which evolved over millions of years. Think about that. Pretty amazing, right?

We haven’t yet found anything like us in the Universe. Anything alive.

Us humans, we’re good at finding patterns and grouping things. We form tribes. But ultimately, we’re all made of the same stuff. Star stuff.

I feel grateful for being alive today. And lucky I get to do what I do.

Technology can improve people’s lives, but it can also make them worse. Even when our intentions are good.

So I think we all have a responsibility to constantly improve ourselves, achieve mastery, and make this planet a better place for future life.

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I buy a lot of books and never read them. Remember Sapiens? Yep. Anyway, here are some books I did read and they are awesome.

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